Our Focus

With over 10 years devoting in horticultural industry, we have witnessed the thriving of plants and the commitment of growers, and deeply root our corporate culture in details emphasis.

Just like the full-hearted progress of plant cultivation, consistently connecting clients with high quality products, while controlling the cost comprehensively, making each order easy, direct and efficient, is all we concerned.

Laying emphasis on details during the whole process, such as picking better price among same quality, own warehouses for consolidating products, handling shipment and customs, and getting the best rate for freight, we are capable of saving the cost flexibly for different clients.

Our Mission

Quality first.
Dedicated in details, dig maximum profits.

Through over 10 yeas in-depth running and cooperating with Chinese factories, we are here to bring more fabulous products directly to our clients. And even customized needs for creating new products molds is very affordable either.

It’s our honor to support your business success.