Products Variety

Reliable production lines in China guarantee our variety of products, ranging from co-ex pots and trays, inserts and flats, injection containers & hanging baskets, nursery containers, ceramic planters, natural baskets & planters, and greenhouse accessories.

Quality First

We have our own Quality Control team to inspect every shipment and make QC report to share with the customer and load the container after customer's approval. 

We always make sure your product meets your requirement.

Cost Reduction

Competitive production cost with high quality.

Efficiency for time cost saving.

General cost control in shipping and freight.

Own Warehousing

If the quantity of your order is not so big, don’t worry. 

We have warehouses in China, and we could consolidate different categories of products to save your freight cost.

Shipment & Custom & Freight

We help you to handle shipment to load direct from the factory on the boat, clear the US custom, and arrange local trucking direct to your warehouse.

We have also partnered with freight forwarders to help you to get the best rate for ocean freight.


Supportive in creating new product molds is one of GDS’s highlights. 

We have our own graphic designing team to help you bring your idea into actual product. You could either send us your detailed requirement of the product, or send us STP drawings, and our mold department would be able to provide you a most cost-effective 3D drawing of the product for your approval in approximately 2-3 days before we proceed. We could also provide you a 3D printed sample in 10 days for your further review.

With a professional graphic design and molding team, we would offer you the most competitive mold cost. We could also help our customers to cover some of the mold cost for larger quantities.

Please ask for details…


GDS has always maintained a strong commitment to the environment, and product of GDS would never be at the expense of the environment. We are using recycled materials for all of our plastic products. 

As a member of ‘BSCI’ we are committed to social accountability and transparency throughout our supply chains. We are actively monitoring and ensuring appropriate Labor Standards, Health and Safety, Care for the Environment and Business ethics for all of our factories.